Little Hands Garden School                                                                                               650 521-4359
3942 SE Salmon Street

Class availability: Full days M-F  9-5

Our newest school is located in a classic Portland victorian home around the corner from the Belmont library. The yard includes a mature fruit orchard where students harvest apples, pears, grapes, kiwi, figs, raspberries, strawberries, and other delicious foods they grow and tend in the garden.  There are also large fir trees providing shade and protection from the rain, and many little paths and bushes to hide beneath and spy on visiting fairies.  There is an outdoor greenhouse and artspace for students to explore creatively and ample indoor space for circle time, developing small and gross motor skills, dressing up, baking, and having a quiet snuggle in the reading room.  This location is also the home of Fairy Godmother Susan's Fairy camps, offered during some LHGS holiday closures.

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Little Hands Garden School Salmon Street Preschool
Little Hands Garden School Preschool
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Get directions to Little Hands Garden School on Salmon Street in the Sunnyside Neighborhood of SE Portland. 
                      Monthly Tuition       

Full Days:
                      2 days/week = $550
                      3 days/week = $800
                      4 days/week = $1100
                      5 days/week = $1250