Little Hands Garden School                                                                                               650 521-4359
We are an outdoor-focused, play-based preschool welcoming children ages 2-5 at Our Clinton Park and Salmon locations, and ages 3-5 at our Woodstock school.

Our Clinton Park and Salmon St. schools operate M-F 9-5.
Our Woodstock school has morning class only 9-1 M-Th. 

 Students are served snacks each day, prepared lovingly on-site from healthy vegetarian foods, some of which the children harvest and grow in the gardens. Examples include student-baked biscuits with butter and jam, endless varieties of muffins, rice cakes with peanut butter or cream cheese and jam, or sliced fruit or vegetables with Tillamook cheese and whole grain crackers. We love to bake!

Students must bring their own packed lunches.  Class starts at 9:00 AM. We eat snack at 10 AM and lunch at noon. For afternoon classes at Clinton Park and Salmon Street, we eat another school-prepared snack in the afternoon.
Play-based learning increases cognitive growth, social skills, higher reading levels and IQ scores, confidence, creativity, happiness, intellectual thinking, mathematical reasoning,'s fun!
Play Based Preschool Curriculum at Little Hands Garden School
Outdoor Focused Preschool
Nature Focused Preschool
Take a bow!
We take play seriously.
Bare feet
Yes you can take your shoes off!
Nature = Science, Science = Nature
Earth Art
Some art can't be saved for later.
Outdoors Preschool at Little Hands Garden School
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Year Round Outdoors Preschool Program
Year Round Outdoors Preschool Program
Mud Puddles                                Teepee play
 Seriously dirty fun!                                               Where the wild things are!