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About Little Hands Garden School
The goal of our program is to develop in young learners a deep love for learning and school, and a grouding in their own creative process. Contemporary educational theory tells us that what children need to thrive in our current world is not the knowledge of facts and figures that are now available at our fingertips, but a rooting in their creativity that will allow them to take what is available to them and create something new and meaningful. At Little Hands Garden School we aid children in developing the confidence to know that their creative impulses matter and are to be supported. A child may want to take the easel paint outdoors to mix with mud and see what sort of concoction they can invent and they will always be encouraged. Their inquisitive creative nature is sacred and we want our learners to know we are here to aid them in their ventures and it's okay to be told Yes!
Preschool Gardening
Outdoor Play Based Preschool Program at Little Hands Garden School
Preschool Gardening
We believe children should spend an enormous part of their days outdoors exploring the natural environment. Our outdoor spaces invite children to enter and explore them and to use the natural materials in their play. Our playground features a small pond for floating boats in, garden beds for digging and growing, and tall fir trees to provide shade and rest. Rabbits, chickens, and a goat live here, as well as the countless animals, insects, bugs and worms we discover daily. Do we garden for the food or is it just to dig in the dirt? The answer isn't really important, but if in the end one pumpkin is left on the vine long enough to turn orange, what a joy that will be!
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