Little Hands Garden School
Daily rhythm

Children enter the school at 9 AM and begin the day by joining in play with others in our make-believe room or participating in a teacher-led activity such as baking, art activities, puzzles or games. When the entire class is present, children gather for morning circle, where we discuss the day and themes we are learning about, do show and tell, storytelling, yoga, and a song. We then gather for snack, then get geared up for outdoor adventuring. We will visit the art room and music room before heading back in for lunch around 12 PM.  After lunch, some of our friends are offered a nap (naptime 1-3). Those full of energy will head back outdoors for free play/games/art in the yard.  We serve another snack at 3:30 pm, and enjoy more playtime until our grown-ups arrive!
Child-centered learning means our schedule is fluid and changes with the needs of the children. If it is a very energetic day, we may do circle time and music outdoors, and have a picnic snack. We may build an obstacle course or stage a play. We may have a freedance party. If it is a quiet day, we may read many more stories than usual in our snuggle room, or build a giant fort, or turn out the lights and tell flashlight stories...
Cooperative Playtime at Preschool
Outdoor Playtime at Little Hands Garden School Preschool
Preschool Story Time
​Cooperative play
Children gathering at the day's start.
Biscuits for snack time!
Tea time
The children love to make tea from mint, sage, lemon balm, lavender and rose petals they gather in the yard.
Current Schedule

​Monday through Thursday 9-5
2 day minimum
No before or aftercare available

Vacation/Holiday Closures 2022

Summer Break 1: June 26-July 4​
Summer Break 2: Aug 28- Sept. 5

Thanksgiving Break 11/20-11/26
Winter Break 12/17-1/2


January 16 2023
February 20 2023

Spring Break 3/25-3/31 2023
May 29 2023

Summer Break 1: June 26-July 4
Using story cards during morning circle.
Preschool Baking at Little Hands Garden School
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